I have a Fender Acoustic cd-60 with a great resonating sound. I'm looking to add a pick up to use when playing with a local band. I've tried a couple different "sound hole snap in" type pick-ups, but they loose the awesome tone this guitar has, I play mostly bluesy southern rock and country with a touch of blue grass and Gospel. through a Crate MX-20RC. would like to keep the price range in the neighborhood of 50 bucks American, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
what do you mean sound hole pick ups "loose" the tone of the guitar?

i mean, for $50 that's the option.

so either mic up the sound hole at gigs or save up and get a fishman under saddle job.
playing out at a gig, i'd say mic it if they have two.

i find low end, sound hole, snap in pups to be lacking.

you want i guess save more?
and check out a fishman rare earth. ($130)

or try the snap in pups for now (like dimarzios)
and save for a good preamp.

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My bro uses the SD Woody. Works well and to me sounds pretty good.

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