So ive blocked the trem with a piece of wood and loosened off the springs so the bridge stay where i want it.

Is there anyway to prevent to bridge moving inwards/downwards as it tends to knock of the tuning when playing harder than normal haha?

I would think you would tighten the springs and have the tremolo resting against that piece of wood you added. Then your bridge will be at the same spot every time because it's blocked off by the piece of wood.
I loosened the springs so it would hold tight in the right place when i tightened the strings lol I read to do this..

The bridge is stopped by the block of wood when push upwards (away from the body) but it still moves inwards (into the body) not by much but enough to knock the tuning

Im not sure how to stop this? As side from putting something underneath there

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eitha side? No comprende but it seems you figured it out anyway. I'm guessing you meant to say you should put one on the other side, which is correct. You've got to jam it in there. Or just get a tremolno.
You put the block in the wrong spot. You're supposed to put the block to the right of the floating bridge (right according to the picture), not the left (left according to the picture). So you would end up placing it to the right and tightening the springs, not placing it to the left and loosening the strings.