Hey guys,

So like I said in the title im looking for a song or solo that has only one guitarist and maybe a drummer, no vocals or bass or second guitarist.
The reason is me and my band got a gig and 3 days after they bailed on me so now I have 2 weeks to prepear.

I play anywere from rock to thrash metal so please no death metal or nu metal.

Thanks for the help

BTW im about the intermediate player so nothing to hard please.
Girl, You Have no Faith In Medicine - The White Stripes

I felt like learning something you wanted once, and I tried that song.
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Quote by MetalGS3SE
Most anything by The White Stripes have just one guitar/singer and drums.

ohh you thought that kind of rock
I meant van halen or guns n roses not white stripes.
Quote by MetalGS3SE
I didn't assume any particular genre, you just aren't going to find anything in classic rock or thrash metal as a solo guitarist when you are only at an intermediate level.

That why I came here
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Top Gun Anthem by Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens
You will need a piano player.


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Anything Pantera as well...Also there are lots of good songs without any solos.
If you don't want bass then Metallica's ...And Justice For All is decent.

maybe try some flamenco.
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prepear? Is that like what grows on a pear tree before the actually pear?
But anyway, Play something by Steve Vai, like Amazing Grace.