I have no idea what the guitar's like but...DiMarzio PAF Pros and Super Distortions were popular shred pickups in the 80s to my knowledge. Is that what you're looking for? I've got a PAF Pro in the neck of my ML and it's a good pickup for just about anything IMO, but that's in the neck, so I guess I can't really comment. xD
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Aye it would defo work, but I think you would be very limited in what you would be able to do with it, I personally would use a very high output pick up and then use my volume controls to balance my tone and gain.

This was the setup I used in my Charvel ( though that was a Super Distortion ) and it worked very well. I really like the PAF but its not powerful enough IMO for just the bridge position.

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^ I dunno. Personally I think it'd work pretty well, assuming you like the tone of the paf pro- being not that hot it's gonna be pretty versatile, it'll be a lot easier to roll back to cleans and lower gain overdrives.

That being said my bc rich had a super distortion in the bridge (single pickup guitar) and it worked pretty well too... just depends on what you want.

Basically the paf pro will work for a more van halen/vai type of tone, whereas something like the SD would work for a hotter type of 80s hard rock/metal tone.
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