I really want to record my first CD but I don't have an interface or software yet... I was hoping someone could help me out and recommend some easy to use software/interfaces.

I want to exemplify the "easy to use" part because I'm new to mixing and recording.

I have a limited budget so lets try to keep it around $500 for both...

Also, I don't have a drum kit, but I want some kind of drum machine. I'll be recording electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and vocals.

Any links and suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!
maybe a line 6 UX1, a mic, and there's plenty of free software, also for drums you can use software.
I wouldn't splash out a thousand dollars before I'd even had a go with free software, seriously


http://www.reaper.fm gives you a full featured one month free trial

with that and an interface you can start with free amp sims
http://www.theserinaexperiment.net/website/software.htm (head sims) http://lepouplugins.blogspot.com/ (cab sims)

of course alternatively, buy a decent mic and mic up an amp..
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For software based drums, I would recommend Addictive Drums, tons of loops in many genres so you can get some songs built relatively quickly.

Reaper is quite good. If you have a Mac you could use Garage Band which is free with Macs.

I have Cubase and I don't like it. Many of the USB audio interfaces will come with a lite/limited version of major DAW (digital audio workstations) so if you can try out some demo versions of the major ones that may help you focus on which interface/software bundle to go for.

M-Audio which make great interfaces typically bundle with ProTools.
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