Well i am trading my first bass ( Squier P-bass affinity-series) for a SX standard series Custom handmade (what it says on the headstock) its a Jazz Bass copy basically
i allays liked a Jazz over P-bass since i tried one...

any experience with SX in general and/or this particular model.

(sellers images)

id go for it. an sx is at least as good as a low end squire. see if he can throw in the original pickgaurd though.
no sir away a papaya war is on
The drummer in my band has a SX Jaguar bass and we all love it. The bassist has been using it at band practice instead of his own MIM Jazz bass, if that says anything.
I love SX.

Don't care what everyone says.

I've owned US/MiJ Fenders, US G&Ls, and US Gibsons.

SX is up there with a good quality MiM.

I'd give the electronics in a MiM the nod, but build quality on the SXs i've owned have always been better than the MIM.

Also, the one you're looking at has the 'old style headstock'. These are rare now-a-days, since they changed to the new Peavey-looking headstock. Hold on to it for THAT reason alone. Shoot, you could sell JUST the neck and make a decent profit.

If you want a pickguard on it, they have them over at rondomusic.com
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Okej thanks for feedback so far, the pickup-guard is lost since prev. owner, no big deal if i need/want a pickguard i guess just buy it as spare parts since i already replaced the one on P-bass in the past
yea i would add a pickguard cause that is well ugly...

id say do it. iT most likey better made than your squire and well every one like new basses
I went for it, after few hours must says bloody awesome just what i needed basswise

cant wait to try it out with the band