Okay, well basically I used to play a lot of Trivium and such in drop d but for the last year or so I've been playing in D or drop C but as i've come to get a greater understanding of the feel on my guitar i've noticed when in drop c I have so much slack that triplets can sometimes be annoying.

Anyway I restrung my guitar recently with a heavier string gage (.10) to have some more 'tightness' but I strung up to standard and then back down to D standard and I've found it just as it was before, so I was wondering if there was a specific way to string my guitar to dropped tunings so that it'll be more suited for them.
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If you were at .9's, and went to .10s, it wouldn't have made that big of a difference. Look at the skinny top heavy bottom from ernie ball type strings. You're going to need a larger gauge than .10 to be able to have the tension you want in drop c or d standard. You'll definitely also need to readjust intonation... but this is the wrong forum anyway.
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yeah u need atleast .11s to not make the strings sloppy. also readjust the intonation
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