Hey I'm Dave and I live in Medford, a little north of Boston, MA. I'm 20 and I play rhythm guitar (some lead) and sing. My brother is 19 and plays drums. We are looking for a lead guitarist who has some knowledge in guitar theory in order to write some relatively fast, yet tasteful solos to the original songs that we have written.

We play rock/hard rock. Very Metallica-esk; Sick riffs, complex musical arrangements and we are loooking for the solos from a lead guitarist to finish off these songs. We play covers too from Metallica, Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Skynyrd, Ozzy, and so on. We are looking to have a BIG summer. We would love to play some shows and definitely put out a demo this summer.

We have plenty of space to jam at my house in Medford at any time. We are down to jam whenever, we just desperately need a reliable lead guitarist with a good taste in music who wants to make some sick songs with us. We are cool and down to earth and just looking to jam!!

Send me an email at didimilner@yahoo.com

or just reply to this.

Thanks, Dave