Ive been rebuilding guitars for a while now following schematics etc. Basically im building a project 2 epiphone p90s (three wire: Red, White, and core). I wanted to keep it simple as im not great at guitar just love making them. So i have a mini toggle switch (on/off) for each pickup and a single master volume.

The three core wire though has me confused is the red hot and the core the earth what is the white? Please can someone draw a schematic for me im lost

literally just turn the pickups off and on one for each pickup! Thanks for the quick reply!
are you sure the switches you have are on/off? I've always wired killswitches with on/on switches (sending the signal to the ground, rather than simply cutting it)

Can you show me the switches you have, so a diagram I draw will be easy for you to understand?

EDIT: And will you have a pickup selector switch?
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Black coloured wires are grounds/Earths
Purple wires are hots from pickups
Blue wires are hot from the switches
Red wire is hot going to the output jack (and the black is the ground going to the output jack) indicated by the arrows at the lower right corner

They grey thing on the left side is supposed to be the bridge, with it's bridge ground going to the solder on the back of the volume pot (but you probably knew that anyway)

Any questions just ask :-)
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thanks so much for this thats great, what do i do about the 3rd wire on the pickup???
according to the link I gave you, the 3rd wire is a ground. Wrap the 3rd wire and the core together and solder them to the volume pot

If you want my advice, just to be sure, pick up some alligator testing leads and make the connections with them first before soldering them. If you don't have any, I would suggest picking up a set. They wouldn't cost more than 5 pounds and if you're going to be wiring guitars a lot they will become an invaluable asset.
the neck is currently gluing ill post some pictures when its done!