Is it possible to hook a combo amp to a cabinet?
I have a Roland Cube 15X and am looking to make it louder without having to buy a louder amp. I do not have a cab.


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First of all, the cube is a sweet practice amp, keep that thing forever. The only reason I don't have mine now is because of my champ with a multi effects.

Second. You CAN but it won't achieve the result you want. You may perceive it as louder but the actual Db to Db comparison will be basically the same. You could mic it and run it into a PA for one thing. But that would be the same as buying a new amp in some ways, though a little more useful.

If you want volume though, it's looking like a new amp.
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Adding speakers doesn't add much volume, just fullness. I've read somewhere on here that one speaker only increases volume by like 3 db, which isn't a lot.
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