hi guys, nevermind my silly request, can someone please pull out a tape line and measure his strat right below the nut wrapping it on the neck?
And in doing so, state the nut width and radius of his fretboard
I don't believe there is a standard measurement somewhere listed, so I just wanna see how small is a strat neck compared to a classical one, which I am playing.
there is something about neck thickness on the site but that's not exactly the measurement I'm talking about
your question isn't clear at all, please be a bit more specific, a picture would help.
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Is there a specific model you want information on?

My Strat has a 41mm nut and a 7.25" radius but 42/43mm and 9.5" is probably more common.
ok, now can you measure its 'circumference' so to speak like i did in the picture? My tape line is in cm.. but most of you might have it in inches
thanks. is it it comfy with the 41 mm nut and small radius? i would like to compare it with a flatter 9.5'' radius and 42-43 mm nut.
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