hey UG

this is a thread for my girlfriend as i'm not really a pro when it comes to recording unless its metal/hardcore :')

My girlfriend wants to basically do a little acoustic side project where she can just have a bit of fun and cover some of the songs she likes.
I'm just asking if anybody could suggest to me a basic and budget set of equipment ?
a mic for the acoustic, a mic for vocal tracking and recording software is all i can think of?
plus any extra bits you might feel would help her!

thanks a lot!

And a way to record piano too please!
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You would do well with a two input, USB interface (with phantom power) and a cheap pair of condenser mics. There are a multitude of USB interfaces out there, I use E-Mu, a lot of people use M Audio. They're all about the same quality but you'll want two inputs and phantom power no matter what you get.

As for mics, ideally you want to record piano with at least two mics but it can be passingly well with a single one if she wants to sing and play at the same time.

What are you looking at for budget? You'll probably pay around 200 on the interface and then anywhere from 100 on up for mics.
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What kit do you have? if you've been recording metal etc. then you probably have all the stuff you need.

You'll want a decent PC interface, a mic for vocals (sm58 is pretty standard) a guitar mic (sm57 does almost instrumenty anything ok so long as it's not too bassy) piano = keyboard = DI box.

Record all the track separately - don't try and put them all together into one mix straight away.
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Quote by doive
What kit do you have? if you've been recording metal etc. then you probably have all the stuff you need.

haha na i dont have any kit myself, i just know bits here and there from when my band have recorded in the past!

cheers for the replies guys!!
(sorry for double postingggg)
i'm not too sure on a budget btw, all i know is she doesn't want to be spending a fortune is all haha
just as basic and budget as you can get without being awful quality

what's all that phantom power stuff btw? we're both novices at recording hahaha
phantom power is power provided through the cable to the microphone. condensor mics require it to work. for acoustic guitars and vocals, you typically want a condensor mic, so phantom power is pretty much required.

if she doesnt mind recording one thing at a time, either a USB mic or a single channel interface (fast track mkii is my recomendation) is a fine choice. interface +mic will cost more, but will be better quality and more useful in the long run.

if she can afford it, i highly recomend going for a 2 channel interface. a solid one can be had for around $200, or even a bit less. then the cheapest mic pair i would recomend would be the mxl 990/991 pack ($100). not great, but they do the job and work well together. pick things up used, and you are probably under $300 including cables and stands.

getting started on recording with some decent quality gear is the best way to go IMO, but isnt exactly easy on the wallet. it doesnt take too long to grow out of the USB condensor mic stage.