Would it be okay to run a 5 watt Fender Champion 600 into an 8 ohm 2x12 cabinet?
It's my brother's amp so I dont want to risk killing it
I'd do it. But you probably shouldn't.

BTW, thread title is non-sensensical. The cabinet is the load.
cool, thanks.
If anything was going to happen, would it be right away or after a while of using it?
Probably after using it for a while. It may be just fine. If it was mine, it wouldn't bother me to hook it up and use it that way. But if it was going to have a permanent setup I wouldn't mismatch.

The wattage is so low that even cheap components could probably handle the extra current.
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It's a safe mismatch if your transformers aren't shitty.
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^that, there are engineering tricks they use to protect our trannies from mismatch.

far from an ideal situation (that transformer is there to match to impedance from the output of your amp to your speakers specifically). but really, guitar amps are usually over engineered enough to take our constant abuses.
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Yay, planning for user stupidity.
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It should be fine. However, there is a long term solution that will only cost you about $20 if you can solder (and know how to discharge capacitors so you don't kill yaself) and will get you all matched up:

You can buy more expensive trannies but I have used these and they sound quite good. They are made in an old transformer factory in Chicago, not some child labor camp in south east asia.

Edit: You will of course have to add a switch or a second jack for the new 8 ohm tap.
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I wouldn't. That's twice the impedance requirement of the output transformer. If you dime that little amp into an 8 ohm load, flyback voltage present could be large enough to damage the tube and possibly the output transformer.

There's over 360VDC present in that amp, enough to cause flyback voltage spikes upward of 6-800V.

But that's just me. I tend to operate off of established theory rather than experience when it comes to operational safety.
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well we hooked it up and noodles on it for like 10 minutes, sounded good, pretty quiet cause of the impedance and it was cranked to 10 and 12