The name says it all.....begin

(If it helps i like to listen to Math Rock, Ska, Blues Rock, Foo Fighters, Rx Bandits, Incubus, hip hop, reggae, MF Doom, Protest the Hero and others...not too big on metal though)
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i think i love you
blind melon- no rain
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blind melon- no rain

something new
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i think i love you
i don't know what u have and don't already have, but try some Black Uhuru (reggae), Burning Spear (reggae), Phish (jam band, mix of some styles u might like), and Sublime (reggae/rock)
Check out Streetlight Manifesto and Operation Ivy for ska-ish music. You'll love them both.

Don't listen to Sublime or Phish, or Black Keys. They are traps.
De Facto, the Mars Volta, Tera Melos, Oysterhead.
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Alright most of these bands I have already of and have most, if not all, of their albums (Sublime, The Black Keys, De Facto, The Mars Volta) I wil def check out some of these other bands though
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i think i love you
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What is this that supposed to mean?

It means that he would be making a horrible mistake to listen to that kind of music :p
you should check out portugal the man. their best 3 albums (in my completely humble and unbiased opinion) are waiter you vultures, american ghetto, and in the mountain in the clouds. also check out the sound of animals fighting (contain rx bandits members), two door cinema club is good and catchy, maps and atlases (saw them live, very talented) and foster the people is a new one i got into.