Which accoustic guitar shall you go for I have a budget upto $350,and i want to go for a guitar which has a good balance of finger style and chords..please suggest ?
Well a lot of that depends on your style preference. I personally love the look and sound of Jumbo and Extra Jumbo guitars which have a nice warm bassy sound. If you like a more treble-y brighter sound then I'd probably recommend a dreadnought body shape over the Jumbos.
Regardless of the body shape you chose I'd strongly recommend avoiding laminates like the plague (especially laminate tops). I find they kill the sustain of the guitar and **** up the tone as well.
Well the guitar that I wound up buying and now adore was an Epiphone EJ-200 Artist Edition (it was a limited edition so not sure if you can still find it but I would recommend the epi EJ or AJ line if you're into Jumbos at this price range)
A dreadnought guitar that one of my friends/sort of bandmates owns is an epi dreadnought and I've had the chance to play this one quite a bit as well. It has a much brighter tone than the Jumbo and so I personally like it for playing up at the higher frets (and higher strings too)http://www.thomann.de/gb/epiphone_dr100_vsb.htm or if you;re up for paying a little bit more http://www.thomann.de/gb/epiphone_dove_limited_eb.htm

Most of my experience in this price range is with epis and fenders cause those tend to be the easiest to get ahold of out where I live. I'm very skeptical about fender acoustics at this price range because the ones I've seen and played have been almost exclusively laminate top and the tone has suffered.
Other brands that are fairly well known for their acoustics (not sure about what they have in your budget though) are Martin guitars and Taylor guitars
epis and fenders aren't the best.

a lot of fingerstyle players prefer a 1 3/4" nut or wider. well, so do i whether fingerstyle or strummed, but lots of people don't mind 1 11/16" and some prefer it. the truth is that every guitar can be strummed or picked.

here's a few worth checking on.

this recording king
is all solid wood, and with its small but not too small size and 1 3/4" nut, it's a very good size for both fingerstyle and strumming. i haven't played it, but the recording kings i have played are good stuff, and elderly is a highly respected seller.

blueridge makes a few solid top models in your price range. i'm a huge blueridge fan, and in the case of their solid top models, they have better bass than most other guitars in their price range

000 size, 14 frets to the body with a 1 11/16" nut

000 size, 12 frets to the body with a 1 3/4" nut

14 fret dread with 1 11/16" nut - sounds really nice.

a guitar that i no longer see for sale online much but i see in guitar center stores is the seagull entourage mini jumbo. it's physically more comfortable than a dread, and i think it sounds pretty good.

a couple more worth checking out - the yamaha fg730s and the seagull entourage s6. or if you wait till the next guitar center sale, which will probably be mothers day, you might be able to afford a seagull original s6 or get a better price on a seagull entourage mini jumbo.

if it were me, i'd get the recording king first, the seagull original s6 or the seagull entourage mini jumbo in that order, but you might have different preferences than i do.
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If you hunt around, you might be able to find a nice used Seagull S6 in your price range. They got for $350-$400 new, depending on where you buy it, and they're my favorite fingerstyle guitars. Nice wide nut width, slightly shorter scale length, and pretty balanced tone. I'd say don't go over Medium in terms of string gauge, adds a little too much bass. Overall great solid-top guitar.