Hey all,

I am looking at buying a new guitar, fun times. I was just curious however, what everyone would recommend. I mostly play rock/metal like disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, etc. I am just doing this for a hobby and not for a band or anything atm so I want to try and limit my budget. 300-400 tops.

Any help would be appreciated.
Do you have any preference to shape, color, features. Also, what currency are we dealing with?
Actually I have about the same budget ($300-400 Canadian) and I'm interested to hear some answers to this. So if you have any ideas for non-Fenders that are easy playing, maybe you could throw that into your answer too.
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For hard rock and metal on a budget, my advice would be to look into an epiphone les paul or sg. Reasonably priced and perfect for the music, without looking like a medieval weapon or sex toy (I'm talking to you, B.C. Rich).
When I saw Breaking Benjamin in your post I thought of Sterling (Music Man). If Music Man guitars are your cup of tea (they play differently than a lot of other guitars do) I would really recommend it. They're quite well-made.
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I'm using dollars to buy it and I don't have any preferences except for one. I don't want a floyd rose. I hear they are a pain to restring. heh.
look into some of entry level esps, great guitars for cheap
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Depending on whether you want to play rhythm guitar or lead, there are different guitars you could get for the hard rock/metal tone that you want. Jackson, Ibanez, or Schecter guitars are good for the lead tones for solos, and for rhythm I'd recommend Epiphone Les Pauls, those are just all-around great for rhythm, and these are all good in the 300-400 budget.
At that price range - Schecter is the best thing going.

Otherwise - look into some of the $400ish LTD series. I hate Ibanez, but thats preference. Look into Jackson as well. Any guitar w/ 2 humbuckers should be right.