So, I had my Jackson DKMG set up for drop a, and I blocked the floyd. I bought some smaller gauge strings to put it back in drop c. Now, I get fret buzz on every single fret.
I don't have the money to get it set up again.
What do I dooo?
Please and thank you. (:
You could always have a go at setting it up yourself, experiment with the action a bit and don't scared of your truss rod, i haven't long started making my own adjustments but you wont do any real damage as long as you don't go wrenching at it like a maniac. I know it might seem like a waste after having it set up but if it makes your guitar sound good, does it matter?
Well if it's anything like my strat it should have a hole in the headstock where u insert an allen key/wrench, have the front of the guitar facing away from you and turn the key to your right if you need to bring the neck up e.g. if you have too much relief and if you have too much backbow (upward bow) just turn it to the left, but if at any point you feel a lot of resistance stop and take it to a specialist. To gauge how you need to and how much you need to adjust the truss rod i just look from the headstock down the neck of the guitar, a lot of people say you're supposed to use feeler gauges, but I've only ever done it through looking and it hasn't failed me yet

Hope this helps
Oh and by the way most players like to have a small amount of relief on the neck (under bow i think it's called) and others like it dead straight, it's your preference
It's fine, when you say too tight is ur neck 'sagging' downward or bowing upwards??
There's a stickied thread either in Electric Guitar or Gears and Accesrories that shows you everything you need to know, as well as youtube videos. Adjusting your truss rod won't break anything unless you just start cranking away at it. If its hard to turn, that means you're pushing against something. Tread more carefull at that point.
It seems to me like you need to turn it to the right because it sounds like you have too much relief so you need to pull the neck closer to the string and it should even out at the first fret then
It would help if you said what strings you had on it in Drop A an what strings you have on it now. And by the way, Setup is basic maintenance if you're changing gauges.
Always tin your strings.


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