Hey, i have 700 dollars to spend and am trying to figure out how best to spend it. So i am looking for the best guitar and amp i can buy for around 700 dollars. Would it be better to get a 600 dollar guitar and one of the cheaper orange amps or a 450-500 dollar guitar and a better quality amp? Thanks for the advice.
what is your skill level, i'm assuming you are new to the Elec-guitar
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You can get a decent guitar and amp for 700 if you go used - for example - start with something like an Ibanez RG321 for a guitar and look into some used peavey stuff for an amp.
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you can go new with an agile guitar, you buy them direct from the manufacturer so you get more bang for your buck, they have tons of models. and as for an amp I would recommend the fender super-champ xd; its a tube amp 15 watt with modeling for additional voices for $300.
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It's usually better to split your money slightly in favour of your amp, say 60% on the amp and 40% on the guitar. But if you're totally new to guitar then you might actually want to spend more on the guitar first, for a total newbie I think it's more important to get a nice guitar sorted out to make those first tough six months go by a little smoother.
Ive been playing acoustic for a while but will be new to electric. And i have been looking at guitars like the fender standard strat, godin exit 22, prs se singlecut, and schecter solo 6.
Go PRS Singlecut for the guitar IMO. They're real nice. Though any of the guitars you listed (except maybe the Fender) are great. Cheap amps-wise, a cursory glance at Musiciansfriend tells me that you can get a Vox AC4 or a Blackheart Little Giant combo for about $250. I'd go for one of those two (which one depends on what kind of sound you want; I really like the AC4 with a good overdrive pedal).
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I would recommend an even split. Go used. Buy a nice used guitar and used tube combo and you will be infinitely happier. If you aren't gigging and moving the amp constantly a good set of tubes should last you a few years assuming you operate the amplifier properly.

Edit: Go into a guitar shop and check out everything they have. Pick out a bunch of guitars and play them all. Eliminate them down to a few and pick the one that fits your price range and feels right to you. Then browse for an amplifier. I would recommend a Valveking as a great first tube amplifier. Or a 6505 if you can spring for it. Both amps are great to begin with and sound WAY better with a tube/speaker swap.
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TS, you definitely don't need a tube amp as your first amp... I didn't get one until I had been playing for a few years.

I'd say spend $500 on the guitar (used, used, used!), and $200 on a Peavey Vypyr 30 (or $200 on a used Vypyr 75 if you can find one for a good deal).
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I'd say you should check out Craigslist and the local guitar shops around your area- I picked up a nice epi for 340 with a hard-shell and good cables on CL, and decent Raven half-stack for 250 at a shop. Just go to Guitar Center, play around on the things in your price range, and then wait on CL. It's worth it, just be careful.