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Quality - Only the best gets put out, but very seldom
11 69%
Quantity - Less quality, but more frequently
5 31%
Voters: 16.
Been trying to get my bands, and my own personal 'online presence' larger and currently in the middle of editing multiple youtube videos.. at a bit of a crossroads with how i should present these vids... seems like some of the most popular are low-quality unedited ect...

my question is:

Is it better to have MORE of "b" videos/content and it regularly being uploaded. (QUANTITY) or

is it better to have one or two or three "AA" videos that are way fewer and far between? (QUALITY)

I am tempted to go with quantity... because then stuff is being uploaded more often, growing your online presence instead of uploading a video with huge production quality only once or twice a year, that most people might not even notice....

i just dont feel any of these vids are superior enough quality (im kind of perfectonist) but its better than NOTHING right??? I REALLY need to get my online presence bigger, i keep holding out for better audio/video/ect and seems like im missing out....
Whats the rush bro?
Watch Epic meal time on youtube. They don't post often, but their following is massive.

They could do it every day on cameraphones and it would be donkey droppings.

People like it more when it looks good.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
the rush is it just seems like everyone around me is getting tons of followers and doing quite succesfull with their music and promotion, and my lack of online presence has done the opposite for me... in fact it feels like ive kept interested people waiting too long without delivering anything, becuase im always waiting for the best of the best... im not getting any younger... i wanna ride this internet wave before it starts dying out (very soon)

EDIT: lol and wtf? Epic Meal Time have posted like 12+ videos in the last year.... all very good quality...
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epic meal time posts a video every tuesday, try just posting weekly videos or something like that, try to find some middle ground
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youtube is a bad way to promote music, its better to use facebook/ soundcloud

try and find a group on facebook the relates to your kind of music and post it around, make a facebook page and upload your music to soundcloud, thats how i do it and since i stopped using youtube iv gained a good few hundred people following my band
internet wave will never die out
It only gets stronger
Subscribing is free

and on second thought.. that probably wasn't the best thing to represent with..
this isnt NECISSARILY for youtube.. im just talking about ONLINE CONTENT!

but, anyhow, weekly youtube videos is ridiculous, my band doesnt play that much and to record that much data in HD (seperate audio, video, and 3 different HD cameras) i would have to have tons of storage,, which i dont... ... im talking like a few high production ones a year vs, one every month type of thing....

it might not die out, but it sure isnt the GOLDRUSH it used to be... (4 years ago if you had a strong online presence you were one of the new faces, you could capitolize on it and pave the way for what is now the internet we know.. now a days EVERYONE has a million hits on some video or something.... the internet is SETUP nowadays to persue success by anybody, those avenues are out there and there are professionals DEDICATED to looking for these things, but thats a completely different topic.... nobody cares if your vids get a million hits anymore, so many ppl have already done it.... (twitter has already hit its peak and is projected to start turnign into spam/advvertising city... those who didnt jump on that bandwagon missed out, because they where still to busy and stupid screwing around with ANCIENT myspace...)hate to tell ya)

despite all these things, i am trying to catch the last boat asap!
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you could just have a balance of both

seriously everyone asks questions like "is it better to sacrifice this for that or that for this?" and you will have valid arguments and examples on both sides, however the real answer for most of them is "balance both of them"

honestly it's better to have a bunch of near perfect quality than a ton of low quality or very few high quality. when ever I run into things like this I usually accept 75% on both rather than 100% on one and 20% (or lower) for the other. 75 avereaged with 75 is still 75, but 100 averaged with 20 is only 60 and in terms of grading myself that is barely passing, however if I only let it slip to 75 my overall average for everything could never be lower than 75, which at least in the states (i honestly don't know how things work schooling-wise in other countries) is average.
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youtube is a bad way to promote music, its better to use facebook/ soundcloud

try and find a group on facebook the relates to your kind of music and post it around, make a facebook page and upload your music to soundcloud, thats how i do it and since i stopped using youtube iv gained a good few hundred people following my band

i find that a lot of people have trouble with soundcloud me included. i can upload but i cant listen, not even to my own stuff
Good question man-

I voted quality:

-Look at rebecca black. Okay, now I know some would say that is def not high quality, but the production is good for a youtube video (for both the recording and video), the song writing quality is good in that it is a catchy tune, whether or not the lyrics are truly the "worst ever".

Nonetheless, one quality video made rebecca black a near millionaire (if she isn't already, regardless, she probably will be eventually off that one video).

-Look at David Meshow's "Best Metal Improv Ever." In this case it's just a homemade video, but the content is "quality" due to the gimicky faces and the good riffing. None of this guy's other videos approach the level of this one, "quality" video.

If you want huge views, quality is a must.
Quality v Quantity doesn't really work with art. If you're not producing quality work, then the quantity is irrelevant because no one will give a shit. People don't want to go "Well, that was alright." after they hear a song, look at a painting, see a play, etc. They want to be wowed.
Online Content -> Quantity
Recordings & Videos -> Quality

It's not always about Youtube hits, it's about online presence. You don't need HD videos and Studio Recordings of your hot new single to successfully build an online fanbase. People will often overlook the importance of photos, posters and the written word. Post gig stories, equipment features, fan spotlights, video recordings of songs you're practicing or writing, samples of upcoming music. Get a friend to record a practice on video and take pictures, and post part of the practice or some of the video every week. Set up a webpage somewhere and update it with new media weekly, but it doesn't always have to be new music or recordings, as long as it's something.
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