How long does it take you to master (play fluently, with no mistakes at 180-200 bpm eighth notes) one position of a scale (like minor pentatonic 1st position)?
how longs a piece of string? it really depends on the person in question.
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So tell me how long you practice a scale daily and how long it takes you.
you should be thinking of scales as sets of intervals rather than positions on the neck.
It's a really bad idea to just learn how to play scales in one position insanely fast. Even if you piece it together later, you'd be better off learning the theoretical background, how to use the scale, and how to tie the positions together and identify the scale with as few issues as possible. The technique comes in time, if you use the knowledge in the context you intend to write in.

A shredder who knows what he's doing slower will always sound better than someone who can't work out context playing notes too fast for the ear to register.
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Almost instantaneously, I could down pick that, at 180bpm 8th notes. Wow now I sound like a cocky asshole, but it's true. Do I think that's all that matters? No. Try doing something creative with that same scale your trying so hard to play fast. Now notice how much harder that is to play something really awesome regardless of speed, then just blazing up and down scales all day. I wasted to to much time doing that sort of stuff everyday. Listen to the solo in "From the Outside" at about 2 minutes in by All That Remains. You may not like the band, and I'll agree that the song as a whole is kinda cheesy. The solo in this song I find to be incredible however. Okay, maybe it's not up to Rusty Cooley speeds, but I find it to be 1000x as creative. Now tell me what's harder, making sounds like that or pure blinding speed?
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- A shredder could learn that new scale in a few minutes - someone like B.B.King probably doesn't have the dexterity to play that fast any more (he's 80+ yrs old).
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How long does it take you to master (play fluently, with no mistakes at 180-200 bpm eighth notes) one position of a scale (like minor pentatonic 1st position)?

And what would be the point of being able to do that?

I'll give you a clue, the answers is "none"
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Its not all about playing fast mate :/
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