The other day i picked up a barely used metalien behringer GPK836BK for 60 dollars aus. It came with the bag, strap, guitar, whammy bay, picks and a 3 metre lead. It is actually a good guitar. The body is solid, the frets are wide and the overall finish of it is great. The only complaint i have is the sound of it. It has one humbucker and two single pickups. But besides that it is great for beginners. this guitar has been criticized all over the net, but the people calling it crap are coming down from gibsons or fenders. It is not the bst but is great for a beginner.

I was playing it through a portable pa system from jaycar. It sounded alright but i wanted better. I got on the net and bought a second hand marshall mg15cd that is in good condition for 60$ because the pots for the knobs were crackly. I go some wd-40 and sprayed some in the pots and it was fixed.That was when i found out the amp was made in 2003. This amp is great. It is loud and is properly made. It sounds great on overdrive with the gain turned to 1 and fdd on.

Overall this guitar and this amp is great for a beginner.
Well you paid 60 dollars for a guitar. As long as it plays through an amplifier i wouldn't be complaining.
I wasn't comlaining, I'm happy with it. I'm just stating the facts incase anyone else anyone wants to buy a guitar like mine.