I told you I have a 1590a fetish.... just picked up a Minotaur distortion from MythFX. Killer little pedal... will have a proper review when I get back from dinner. Much more gain on tap than my OCD, but unlike the OCD, the minotaur definitely has it's "sweet" spots. I think the silicon setting is my favorite with boost at 9/10 and gain at about 7/10.

The whole (mini) family:

Alright, after playing with this little sucker all night, I'm starting to get a feel for it. The tone possibilities are endless. It's basically broken up into 3 different gain stages... Stage 1 is the boost, which is super clean even all the way up... stage 2 is the gain knob, which has a very wide range.... and stage 3 is the master volume (to overdrive your amp). Then there's the setting for hard clipping (silicon) or soft clipping (germanium).

My fav tones include a hot rodded marshall using the silicon channel, and a wacked out fuzz with the gain cranked in the germanium mode. I will try and record each setting tonight so you can here.
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never seen one, that sounds badass, looking forward to clips and congrats.

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