I need to transcribe a solo from a Blues for my Jazz Course, and like me I've left finding the tune to the last minute.

What I need is a tune that has a bass solo over a twelve bar that goes for at least 2 choruses.

I have no idea what song I can do any idea's guys??
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Something by Charles Mingus maybe
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haitian fight song by charles mingus
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does it HAVE to be a bass solo? jj johnson's got a cool trombone solo in "walkin" I've worked on a bit.

or check out some red garland or Oscar Peterson stuff. ray brown soloing over a blues is a dime a dozen.
Thanks guys, I worked a little on So What... it's A Kind Of Blue I guess. hurr hurr.

so seeing as I already had a starting point I used that one. Thanks for the suggestions though.
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
All my classes are OK with transcribing solos because there's not too many well-known bebop bass solos.

so with that being said any bebop head with a 12bar form (find the solo) should do fine, straight no chaser, mr pc, blue monk, stuff like that