Today I added a Bigsby B5, some dunlop straplocks, and cleaned and restrung my LP. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Sorry the picture is small.

Before I say anything, I know most people get the B7 but I like how the B5 looks better. The B5 actually fits great on the LP with the Vibramate mount. The curve of the top just slightly exceeds the pads by a few millimeters. You could get away with no extra padding but you might scratch the top. I just stuck a small piece of cotten fabric under the tail end and it sits solid against the body. No drilling. I had never strung a bigsby before which was a bit of a challange but not too bad. Tuning was fine after the strings set against the curve.

What everyone says about the dunlop straplocks is true. The screws suck. Also the factory screws on my LP were different sizes which was weird. I bought it new so I know it came that way.

Also cleaned the neck with Gerlitz Guitar honey which worked great. I also cleaned my Standard with it and worked nice on the rosewood too.