I am the kind of guy that chooses a brand and sticks with it
But i am in a close tie between dean and ibanez
Can someone help me out
It depends on the guitars in consideration, but overall, I prefer Ibanez(it won't matter unless you compare the guitars). If you list the names of them, it would be easier to speculate which one is better. Generally, Ibanez guitars are built better and (personally) sound alot better.

EDIT: Choosing a brand and sticking with it isn't a very good idea. There are many good guitars out there by other brands. I love Ibanez(most of my guitars are Ibz) but there are several guitars that are made by other companies you might get later.
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Have you considered...

PRS SE Custom 24
Jackson DKA7
Gibson Explorer
MESA/Boogie Express 5:25

Dunlop Cry Baby Classic
VOX Joe Satriani Ice 9 OD Pedal
VOX Joe Satriani Time Machine Delay Pedal
Ernie Ball Strings
V Picks
I tend to stick with Ibanez, but I'll soon be getting a Dean RC7x. The Dean simply offers far more than the Ibby equivalent at a lower cost.

Don't close your mind to other brands, they must be doing SOMETHING right to be so popular with other people!
ibanez i would say is better. but i think it's stupid to limit yourself to one field, as i think it would be kinda stupid to only listen to one genre and nothing else, no?