I see all these videos on youtube about starting slow, but when I speed up it turns into a train wreck.

Are there any tips of any kind you kind peoples can give me?
There are no tips. It's all about playing slowly. Every metal guitarist goes through a phase of wanting to sweep as fast as possible. I've been going through it for about a year now and i'm only starting to gradually get out of it. You really need to practise slow. It'll be years and years before you can sweep real fast.
Problem with sweeping is that it is very very easy to not play clean. You need to make every individual note sound clean, otherwise if you keep practising sloppy it'll become a habit and your sweeps will all sound like shit.
So i think almost everyone would agree with me in saying practise it slowly. The reason why when you speed up it "turns into a train wreck" is because you can't sweep fast. It's simple as that. You don't have the ability quite yet. You need to practise at much slower tempo's for a long time. Eventually you will get there.
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To me, beside slow, play with metronome. Try slow, and then increase the speed just after you feel comfort with the speed. Comfort means you need so much tension in doing the speed....

Oh yes one time, start with the simple... maybe 3 strings sweep first. And of course, watch my lesson on my blog
One big thing is to stay relaxed. A lot of people, when they speed up, they also tense up. That can screw with your technique. Try to play relaxed but quickly.
Sweep for maybe 10-15 (At least) minutes a day extremely slowly with perfect technique and eventually it will seem to just click when you go to play it faster.

But the important thing to remember is that it's definitely a gradual process.

Edit : ^^ ahh yes what the person said before me, staying relaxed and making sure your not tensing up is key. Honestly, that was one of the best tips I received when I was having trouble.
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slow, metronome, and make sure you have a good pick angle. really helps prevent you snagging up on the strings.