OK so I have been playing a vox ac30 with alnico blues at my local store and I love it. I saved up 1500 and I went to pick it up and it had sold, no biggie they will have one within the next week. Wile waiting I have been looking at the Line 6 DT50-212 and it seems like it might be a pretty sweet amp. The only problem is I cant try it out I would have to order it online. Anyone used the Line 6 DT50-212 vs. the AC30? wanna let me know?
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I've played the Line 6. I would never under any circumstances choose it over an AC30. Even if the AC30 was broken, wouldn't even power up, I'd take my chances fixing it. The DT50's not that bad, it just can't compare to a Vox.
Your amp is not the problem, the problem is that you need a new amp.

gotta agree AC30 all the way its an amazing sounding amp. It and the fender vibrolux are my favourite sounding amps
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The AC30 is my favorite amp in the world. I've been playing through one for about two years now and it's perfect. As for the Line 6, it's one of the best Line 6 amps out there, and it SUCKS extremely bad compared to the AC30.
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Got a question relevent to this thread. Would a Vox Ac30 take the POD HD500 as well as the Line 6 does?
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While Line6 has hustled up a pretty bad rep with its Spiders, I found the DT50 to be a pretty good sounding amp... assuming that you're not seeking an exact replica of the AC30 on the Voicing III English Chime channel.

However, if you're set on the AC30, why are you considering the DT50? To me they're both amps for completely different purposes.

While I don't agree with the negative views of the DT50 here... I've have to agree that the AC30 is the hands down choice. If the AC30 does everything you need and want it to, why muck that up by picking additional versatility you don't need? Ofttimes the added versatility comes at the cost of better tones/
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