I cant really decide on what to do. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II, stock hardware and electronics, with cleartone strings. I added a pickguard to it for looks. I cant decide on whether to upgrade the pickups to some nicer alnico humbuckers or possibly emgs. Or whether to buy another guitar for around $200 or $250 or less (im short on money). If any of you guys think I should just buy another guitar, what guitar, from personal experience, is good for around that price. Im interested in esp's and ibanez, but If any of yall know of a guitar that is $200, yet can still rock out as strong as a $500 guitar, let me know please.

Thanks guys! Rock on.
Razz some quality pick ups. If you want an alright clean tone and dont have effects dont go EMGs, my vote would be for Seymour Duncan Blackouts if you're headed down the active route.
I was wanting to stick with the passive pickups. I want a crunchy sound, but be able to get some good overdrive and fuzz, while maintaining the ability to get some good crisp lead sounds.
Im just not real sure on what pickups can get most of those across and sound good. The low end alnicos on my lp now are alright, I just want a little more bang.
Yeah those Duncan Invaders are nice. I rarely, I mean rarely, play clean or any where close to clean so those would be good.
If your low on cash, and don't really need another guitar, It'd be a better bet to upgrade your Les Paul with better parts.
New humbuckers would be a good start.
As for a cheap guitar with a bang, well, Ibanez and ESP's start off at like $300, you could get a decent axe but It would'nt be much better than your Les Paul.
if youre low on cash dont buy duncans.. its not worth the cash if youre not recording or have a good amp
go to guitarfetish.com

their pickups are great, theyre just a step below duncans but half the price
check out youtube for pickup demos
they have everything you could possibly need to upgrade your LP