I'm starting an alternative/pop rock band, and I'm shopping for a new amp for that purpose. I tried an Orange Rockerverb, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Its dark character complimented my bright guitar very well. However, I like to plan ahead about how it will sound live and recorded. I am the lead guitarist in a two guitarist band, and I am worried that the dark nature of the amp will interfere with the rhythm guitarist. Now he has a Line 6, but I got on his ass and, with a little convincing, he wants a new amp. I'm not sure what he will get (feel free to recommend ), but I doubt it will be darker than the Rockerverb. Will I run into problems in the future by having a brighter rhythm amp and darker lead amp? I may be able to EQ it out, but I have a bad hunch that I will be "fighting with the nature of the amp" and it won't work as well as planned. Thoughts? Any random bonus tips to get a good band mix live and recorded ?

Thanks for reading that wall of text!
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Just because your amps might have different inherent tonal characteristics you're forgetting the rest of the equation in recording and live situations. Such that, even if his amp is different from yours I don't think you'll run into any bad problems especially if y'all have pickup selector switches, different guitars, effects, amp settings, mics, mix, speakers, room, etc...

Also, a lot of that responsibility falls on the FoH guy or engineer. So I definitely wouldn't worry too much!
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