ok so I think this is the right place to put this. Anyways I'm in a band called ThrasheD. We're a thrash metal band (in our opinion) and try to mix old school Metallica with modern day metal. We're trying to just play better. Not really thinking hard about making it big, we just want to have fun and entertain our crowds. Now we recently played at this thing called the Break Contest. It has 3 rounds and we got up to round 2. The judges said we looked lost on stage and needed to be tighter up on stage, and that was their reason for not letting us go to round 3. Better luck next year right? On to the main point.
Please watch this video (from round 2 of the contest) and tell me some constructive criticism of what my band should do to be tighter! I already have some theories but I wan't to hear from you guys!

look in the related videos or more videos from that channel to see other videos of the band from that night. thanks again guys.
From what I've seen so far, you're far from bad. The only issue I see is between lead guitar/bassist looking at their instruments a lot and kinda standing awkwardly. You have to move around for the audience, not for the sake of moving around, and smile occasionally. Run, jump, bang your head, get into it. The singer's stuck in one spot for most of it so the other strings have to compensate for that by getting wild. Look at Frank Bello from Anthrax - he runs all over the place and goes absolutely apeshit and people love it. You need to have the confidence to do that and the rehearsing to do it without looking at your fretboard all the time and stand awkwardly. For solos, get up on a monitor, get right up in the spotlight, etc.
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So Musically your band is very tight, at last in my opinion. All of you seem to be very talented at your instruments for the style of music. I would agree with the judges though that you guys looked very lost. It was at points akward to watch you guys wader around the stage without a purpose. One example of this is the lead singer walking away only to turn around and go right back to the mic, or he would have missed his que. Its just things like that that made you guys look lost on stage. I also noticed that the bassist for much of the video did not seem as into it as the two guitarists. This is very noticable to the viewer, and noticeable to the judges and crowd as well.
My suggestions to you would be to work with your band and 'coreograph' your movements. Any movements on stage should have a purpose. If you wana go to the drummers podium, have a purpose, just dont go there, turn around, and walk back to the mike. That would be my biggest suggestion to you guys. As for music wise, I am not into that style, so I cannot really suggest thing. Everything being said, I really did enjoy watching your performance. If you make a few improvements it would make your act even better! Good work guys!