I just bought a strat from the mid-90s and I want to replace the pickups with some classics

Any ideas on where I buy classic strat pickups or something with the same sound?
Every guitar store that sells Fender or Seymour Duncan pickups has them. You can even get the Seymours pre-wired on a pickguard with high-end pots and wiring.
Dimarzio makes some good stuff. I like the Area and Virtual Vintage pickups, they sound like classic single coils, but are noiseless. The best of both worlds if you ask me.

Besides that, you can't go wrong with some Texas Specials or Fender Vintage pickups.
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seymour duncan antiquitys have been said to sound nearly identical to true vintage strat pickups.
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i second texas specials, i have a set in an old mia strat.

loads of volume and a clear chime tone on the clean channel, nice and crunchy with a bit of overdrive added.
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Texas Specials are nice, but I wouldn't call them "classic" strat pickups by any stretch of the imagination.

TS - what's your budget and where are you?

Having said that Rockmonkey gets my vote everytime for strat pickups.
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I like Fralin Real 54's that are in my friend's American Standard.
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If you want to be absolutely vintage correct you'll need to go boutique. Bare Knuckle, Wizard, that kind of thing.