Hello all, I am an average guitarist owning a fender American standard hss strat. Now my guitar came with factory .09 gauge strings and I want to change it to .010 gauge. I have never done bridge alignment before nor is a proper guitar luthier or professional service mechanic for guitar is available in my country. I have read the instructions on fender site regarding this issue and frankly don't understand what I have to do with the bridge safely so later on my fret board won't bend. Can someone please upload a video showing step by step how I need to approach this properly and safely without damaging my guitar.

I implore anyone who can spend sometime and help me out for I have been struggling with this for over a year now. Thank you.
Changing his string weight will probably warrant changing the intonation (which is what I believe he means.) Refer to this column here.
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there is a great thread in the electric guitar forum about guitar setups. read that, and then post in there. also please read the annoucement in this forum about thread titles.