I tried helping the neighbour kid mod his xbox controller today, and we left out the rumble motors. So which guitar should I put them on, and when should they activate?
I think they could give your guitar an interesting sound when they're actually going, so maybe have a switch for it or something so you can have it on when you want it on.
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if the motors are too close to the pickups it will create a really anoying noise, and this is coming from someone who likes anoying sounds.

now THIS is what you should do with it.

take a 5 way switch that you have lying around and attach the rumble pack to the side of it [electrical tape works] then wire a 9 volt batter to it in such a way that when the switch is in one postion there is a conection betweenthe batery and the rumble pack.

you can use this device as an auto tremello picker or if your switch has a smoth metal edge you can place it on the strings and it will work as an e-bow
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