I have a problem with my acoustic case I puked on it. I keep my guitars in the same room i sleep and I got sick during the middle of the night and got up to puke and some got on my guitar case. I cleaned it up but the stench is still there Does anyone know to get the smell off the case?
My wife puked on my amp one time after we took her out for her 21st b-day, I used armor all and never noticed any smell(other than armor all)?
I eventually sold the amp it was a vox vt-xl
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Fabreeze should do it, if you've thoroughly cleaned the voimit. Failing that I I used to use industial upholstry cleaner from work on my sofas and carpets after puking on them. Can't remember what it was called but you'd be able to get many similars cleaners from halfords ect.

Good luck