I just received my first half stack today! Its a used Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100W head with a 1960a cab. I have a few questions before I plug in as im a complete noob when it comes to these things:
1. Is it ok to use a 250V Cable to plug into the Head even although it says 230V input?
2. Is it better to connect the amp and head through the 16ohms or 4ohms?

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1. very much doubt it

2. 4 i believe is better

and by received do you mean bought or got given?
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I bought them both off e-bay separately, and the head came with a footswitch and 250V cable! Yet, on the back off the head it says 230V input!? :S
the power cord is probably fine. The ohms has to match the cab though. i doubt the cab is 4 ohms, probably 16.
A cable is just a cable. 250V doesn't mean the cable will put out 250V, it only puts out what comes from the socket. It means that it can handle 250V.

As for the impedance, just match the heads output to the cabs input, 4/8/16 doesn't really matter as long as you match the head and cab.
I wouldn't assume it's 16 ohms. If you plug an 8 ohm cab into the 16 ohm jack on the head, you will have bad results. 8 Ohm cab plugged into the 4 ohm jack is a safe mismatch though.
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i have mine set to 8 ohms in order to match the cab. if you look at the back of the cab it should say what the recommended ohms are and then match them up. the power cord like already stated should be fine. and by the way congratulations on the new amp, i love mine.
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You probably won't hear any difference, but I would suggest you use the cab's 16 ohm input (and set the amp's impedance selector to 16, of course). This way, the signal flows thru the entire secondary winding of the output transfromer.

Be sure to use a speaker cable (not an instrument cable) to connect the head to the cab. An instrument cable (guitar cable, guitar lead, whatever) cannot handle the current if you play loud and could fry, which in turn could cause a power tube to short, which could damage the amp.
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