So I've been a long time reader but never really posted.

Figured last night I saw Coheed and it was worth a quick synopsis.

Last night Coheed played Neverender: SSTB - which consisted of an acoustic intro set, 15 min or so break, SSTB, then an encore set, finally followed by a (the worst) surprise.

First song was solo Claudio playing Always & Never - followed by Mother Superior. His voice was killin' and I honestly don't know how they stay so tight playing some of the stuff they do. He did a lot of fingerpicking. Another highlight was acoustic Juggernaut, Pearl of the Stars, and Wake Up.

The entirity of SSTB was sick. Delirium was insanely heavy - with the best song performances being Neverender and Devil in Jersey City. Lots of ad-libbed solos, almost entirely from Claudio who really stole the 'lead' guitar spotlight from Travis this show. Also looks like he slimmed down a bit over the years and was very energetic on stage.

Follow up set cruised out the gate with Ten Speed - very nice performance. Welcome Home slayed, obviously. Far was another song I looked forward too, but Claudio took the first solo and completely ****ed it up - so much so that it was almost unrecognizable (Travis visibly laughed at him onstage when they made eye contact). No World For Tomorrow brought the heavy metal riffage - and the set ended with an interesting rendition of Year of the Black Rainbow.

Not to be outdone with performing a nearly flawless 2+ hour show, the band came out and closed with an acoustic song. What did they choose to close such a great concert with?

The extremely mediocre, pathetic, hauntingly poorly and cheesily written Elf Tower New Mexico...
Coheed are a good band, i would be disappointed with that closer too. But it sounds like an awesome show. I love Devil in Jersey City it's such a great song. SSTB is definetly my favorite album so i might have to go see this, if u would be so kind would you PM me and tell me how much the tix were and do you think it was worth it?
Saw them in Seattle last night and it was EPIC!!

The acoustic set was amazing, Juggernaut and Mother Superior were the highlights.

They killed the SSTB set, the place was crazy for Devil in Jersey City and they rocked Junesong Provision.

Came back out and absolutely destroyed us Ten Speed & Welcome Home then closed with what I agree to be an odd song but a sort of cult favorite in Elf Tower.

I recommend seeing them if possible, they are touring with Soundgarden this summer as well!!!!
They kicked ass in Boston!!! Highlights of the acoustic set were Mother Superior and Iron Fist (new song) for me. For SSTB it had to be Neverender+God Send Conspirator+IRO-Bot. Then No World For Tomorrow was the most badass thing I could see them do live.