Hi there I dont really care for "make your own tone" kinda stuff I want to get a fairly metal tone from a VOX VT40+ without using pedals for now Im looking at getting a Boss SD-1 but first want to get a nice gain tone from the amp before spending money on something that might not work.. So what im looking for really if anyone knows is using the manual mode on the amp whats the best kind of settings for a KSE kind of tone?

One I like a bit consists of using the UK Rock amp preset 2 (amber light), Full on gain dial, full on volume dial, almost full on Treble, around 1/2 way for mids and around 3/4 for Bass with then the Tube overdrive pedal preset active with the noise gate active but it still isnt 100% what im looking for so can anyone recomend any tweaks that can get a nice high gain tone before I get a pedal to help?

Also on the note of a pedal Overdrive is better than a standard distortion pedal for what I want really if im not mistaken right?

One final thing, I dont have the money to go geta 6505, EMGs and a OD808 so please dont recomend new gear really (apart from mabey some nice pedals :P) as right now im happy with the VOX and my current guitar
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what guitar are you using. reason being is you might not be able to get that tone, given the amp, pedals and guitar all together. remember killswitch has their tone because of a myriad of reasons, guitar/amp/pedal. that being said i have an 808 modded sd-1 that I love. trying alternate tunings will give you that killswitch sound if you are not already using them. i have an sd-1 that I use for bluesy overdriven solos, and I love it. given the amp i don't think that the pedal will be anything you really want there are enough presets in that amp to find some tone that you want. best of luck!
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Certain gear has a certain sound. You should've tought about what tone you wanted before purchasing your current gear. You won't get a KSE sound (or any good metalsound) out of that Vox. So if you're not willing to save for other gear...

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Quote by CantShred
They use Splawn amps and Peavey 6505/5150s through Mesa and Splawn 4x12s I think.

im pretty sure they used framus cobras and now are using H&K triamps
Also - Vox is not known for bringing the metal, and generally a pedal isn't gonna get you anything closer to your sound. When you have a good base sound, you add an OD pedal before it. And for metal I'd say get the Digitech Bad Monkey - the SD-1 is better for getting a treblier lead tone.
I can get a fairly good metal sound using the Clean preset and the metal pedal preset with the amp but am looking to use just the manual modes as I've been wanting to get a decent distortion pedal to get a heavier feel and to replicate a metal styled tone a bit better.

Overall when I got the amp I didnt expect major brootz from it as I mainly play a mix of stuff from punk to metal so I didnt want to go to extreme on the metal side with a vyper or whatever, as for my current gear its a Epiphone Special II with a stock neck pickup and a unbranded higher output than stock in the bridge.. Got this as my starter guitar and im not really looking to upgrade guitar wise for a while untill I finish uni at least so can properly afford one (would be looking at a EC400/1000) same applies to a amp upgrade.

So yeah overall im not looking to get the exact tone of KSE as I know I cant afford all their gear but im looking to get as close as I can with the amp I have using pedals if needs be.. Oh and CantShred the reason I posted before I went and baught anything extra was to try and get a better base sound down before I added pedals before it
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Quote by philipk
im pretty sure they used framus cobras and now are using H&K triamps

They've been around a while, I know they record with both of these amps, and I've seen the 5150 on stage a few years back.

The TriAmp is basically the sexiest amplifier I've ever had the luxury of playing - but never heard it mentioned with KsE. But I also hate that band - so I don't really do any research on them, just from what I've seen or read along the way.

EDIT: Also one guitarist uses a Parker fly w/ EMGs. Try EMGs through a tube amp before you buy it. I did and ended up really disliking the trebly tones they produced.
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^ sounds like you don't what your doing then.

Kse use and have used practically every nice high gain amp going. Getting an exact kse sound is pretty hard.

But a decent generic high gain sound is easily attainable.

If your amp has any American style presets I suggest you experiment with those, otherwise..

What you really need is a new amp.

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Ah thanks Tom I have US high gain and US metal to play with then along with possibly the Boutique metal preset which custom song mode is for raining blood.

Either way will give them all a play and see if I can get a nice sound.. With the Treble, bass and Mid controls is there any way you guys would recomend as a starting point?
my emg's sound amazing through the tube amp, they sound like crap through a solid state, that is just my opinion, then again I am not very fond of solid state amps, i had a vox vt50, and always wondered why I could never get a good metal tone out of it, then realized it wasn't me it was the amp, I played couple decent tube amps and became addicted.
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Wow that sounds pretty nice tbh.. Quick update however using US High gain and the inbuild Tube Overdrive (as this thing has a tube or something after the preamp /not 100% sure :S) with settings of gain and volume = full, treble between 3/4 and full, mids around half way between 1/2 and 3/4 and bass around 3/4 mark doesnt sound too bad bit on the fuzzy side but can be improved as its a tad "muddy" so might fiddle with bass and mids settings a bit more
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lower your gain too.

you dont need "all" the gain.

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Ah ok will do now, I was just using it as a starting point, lowering gain to around 3/4 and volume to around the same makes the whole thing alot less fuzzy and muddy
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Wow that sounds good, will keep messing about till I find something nice and possibly upload a little clip to see what you think later on or tomorrow or w/e
Yeah KSE uses Framus Cobra amps and H&K amps
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As I said I would upload a small track based on what I could get fiddling here is what imo sounds "best" right now . Might not sound the best as it was recorded with a simple mic infront of amp into audacity method :P of which is why there is crackling a bit :/ also I'm aware it aint the best in terms of sound or my playing xD

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Sounds pretty good mate,

certainly usuable and American sounding.

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TS - I recently got a Vypry 60 and I highly recommend it for KSE and lots of other tones.

Quote by philipk
im pretty sure they used framus cobras and now are using H&K triamps

They've used all kinds of amps man including ^those, 5150s, Splawns, Mesas, and others.

They still use Mesa Boogie cabs though iirc..

Anyway back to fiddling again with settings if I get anything that sounds nicer and a bit closer it should be good