guys so far i have a boss os2 and a boss super chorus and an ibanez jemini and right now i need a compressor delay and so far i picked a barber tone compressor.and right now i dont know what delay pedal i should get) so if u can pls suggest what brand i should get and if there are any other pedals i should get and what brand in specific
People swear by the Line 6 DL4 - but if you just want a delay pedal rather than a delay master modeling pedal (which I consider the DL4 to be) - the Digitech Hardwire D8 isn't too bad. Been trying to find one on the used market myself lately - the DL4 was just too much for me (probably would help if I had the instruction manual to help learn how to use it though)
EH Memory (man,boy,toy) work really well. or The Boss DD2
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im pretty much a EHX or BOSS kind of guy, but i heard REALLY good things about the t.c. electronics delays. havent tried em yet.
Id start with the Pedalboard thread for good suggestions, there are dozens of boutique pedals out there. I think Blackstar makes a good delay
T.C. Electronic Flashback just came out and looks amazing.
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For compressor the Barber Tonepress is good, also look at the Diamond Compressor or BJFE Pine Green Compressor.
it all depends on how much your willing to shell out for each pedal. you can get better stuff up until about the $250 range then its just all the same but below that there are alot of differences quality and tone wise
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