Hey, I'm new to the forum nice to meet you all
I recently played a friends' ESP pre-lawsuit explorer and I really liked how the neck felt and also it's tone had something special , so I looked at a few explorers but wasn't really interested in getting one until recently.

I'm going to choose from:
-ESP EX Standard series(I know that some of you may not like the shape)
-EDWARDS ex110D(I really love how it looks, since they look like the old ESPs)
-Gibson Explorer(If I can get my hands on a Goth explorer)

My question being, as I live in a really shit country where a guitar store only has a choice of 10 guitars(no kidding!). So what should I get considering feel, build quality, tone, etc?
The ESP prelawsuit is the Gibson - just made in Japan (same w/ the current Edwards). So what is your budget? You can get a used Gibby Explorer for around $700-800 usually.
depends on what sound you want, you might be able to get an esp explorer shape with active pickups, and cantshred is correct in finding a gibson explorer for around 7-800. depends on what you want from your guitar. i have never played the gibson explorer but I love the neck on my sg, and esp (IMO) really makes nice guitars for the price.
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I LOVE explorers seriously, wanted one for years but I didn't have the money to blow on a Gibson. I picked up an Epiphone 1958 Gothic Exp second hand and I have to say; love it, lighter than the Gibson I tried comfortable and punchy tone

Obviously the hardware is cheaper than a £1,000 model but it's fine for me at the moment and more comfortable than my Epi LP custom for palm muting somehow..

Gibson cherry exp was the heaviest guitar I'd held, haven't tried an Edwards or ESP explorer but the Gibson (not goth) sounded great, and probably would have been more comfortable if I had a strap rather than sitting on a high stool :P
I as well really want an explorer, even more so that their used price is very budget-friendly.

However, I'm a relatively skinny guy at 5'11'' and 170lbs so I'm worried about looking goofy as all **** with such a big guitar
I've got a job, so my I'm willing to spend around 1300 euros. Seems like a used gibson would be a great deal from the feedback . Anyone had experience with both the Edwards ex or ESP EX std that can comment about their quality?
Thanks alot guys
Edwards is a great company - comparable to standard ESPs which are fantastic instruments. They are rare - but the mighty Hetfield plays old ESP Explorers - so they're pro quality instruments. Google around online for their specs.
Have been reading around about edwards ex having little sustain, and after deciding to go for it, I got a bit worried before ordering. Anyone with any experience with Edwards E-EX 125E or E-EX 110D?
Would really appreciate if an owner can comment :P