Hey guys, my band Faithful Unto Death just released our debut E.P. "Coming Home".
It's available for free streaming right here:


The whole album is recorded on a 7 string Ibanez in drop F. We recorded through an AxeFX, and the drums were done through Roland V-DRUMS into Superior 2.0. Give it a listen, I hope you enjoy it!
Hey. I am new to this genre. I listened to every song and this is pretty good. "Born and Bred" is my favorite. The riffs are awesome. I like how you have the singing in there. Most bands I have heard in this style just scream and it gets boring. The quality of the album sound wise is awesome. Good luck with everything!

Thanks so much dude! We wanted to try something new in the whole super downtuned genre, so we thought some choruses wouldn't be a bad idea
I really like the drop F tuning... it's a great idea and very original. The breakdowns are sick as well because it seems as if you guys are in a higher tuning then it drops. Great tracks.
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This is an interesting take on the Djent genre...I'm particularly used to Meshuggah (who tune in F on their 8-string guitars), Born of Osiris, After the Burial, Circle of Contempt, and Veil of Maya (not quite sure if they fit as well but I love them anyways)...this is nice stuff man!!!
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Cool stuff. I really like that the production doesn't sound muddy. I can tell what is going on in the mix even though you guys are super downtuned. Tight playing too.