I really like your voice man !

Perfect ! i wish i could sing like that.. The playing itself is nice, couldn't find any mistakes or whatsoever. (you didn't sing out of tune either ;-P)

Cheers mate, keep on rockin !!!
Thank you! I wish I could reign my voice in sometimes though. When I'm doin a song I really like and it's in my comfort zone vocally, I'm always balls to the wall. I wish I could reign in that power and grit sometimes so I could have a softer edge at some points. Just somethin I have to work ok.
You are right. The softer edge is kinda lacking, now that you mention it. But it didn,t bother me !! But i agree that if you practiced that some more, your singing would sound much more dynamical !!!

Anyways, good job and you do deserve more views !