So i have a fender Deluxe Players Strat And I wanted to replace neck and bridge pickup with a humbucker! How can I do it and what type of humbucker should I use??? My budget is around $400
check out seymour duncan hot rails. they will fit in the single coil slot. it wont be half of $400 either.
Yeah, there are lots of pickups made that are humbuckers that fit in single coil slots. That's the easiest thing to do although they never sound quite like a full humbucker does. If you do want a full humbucker then you need to take your pickguard off and chck the body is routed to take two humbuckers. Most Strats are although some are only routed to take a humbucker in the bridge. Some Strats look like they have a humbucker routing at the neck but it's actually a minibucker routing, I know Fender do that on a lot of the Mexican models. If your guitar isn't routed for humbuckers you'll ened to get it routed for them. That can be a little expensive. You'll also need to buy a new pickguard. It would be a good idea to buy new control pots too, 500k ones.
hot rails is a great pickup and you could equip your guitar well under the 400 you have. also check out seymour duncan's website for wiring schematics.
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