Yesterday I thought I had come up with a pretty great vocal melody and I had already started coming up with great lyrics for it. After a bit though I thought it reminded of Relient K. I just shrugged it off though because I like Relient K and it must just be that they influenced it, right? No, because my memory finally kicked in and I remembered the Relient K song I stole it from... Sure enough it was pretty much the same

I hadn't even listened to that song in a while, and I had heard a ton of other songs between then and when I "thought of" the melody. This is probably going to happen every single time isn't it? How do I make sure I am coming up with an original melody when my mind will just take a random thing from the past and use that! How do people do it?
Creativity, basically
Just keep making up vocal melodies, I'm sure that you'll become better and better at it
What if every time I come up with something good I think I stole it from a song?
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What if every time I come up with something good I think I stole it from a song?

to be creative you cant criticize yourself before you have even finished the song
just writing melodies, throw ideas around. As many as you want, until your song is coming in the finish stage then start critiquing it.

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Creating music is about taking other peoples ideas and merging them with your own.
Almost every musician/ band has unintentionally taken a riff or a melody and changed it, and called it there own creation.

Not saying you should do that, but it's bound to happen eventually. It's just a matter of taking the sounds from your head, and making them into something beatiful.

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There are only so many combinations of notes that are possible. Don't sweat it man.
People steal vocal melodies all the time. It just happens. Maybe not note for note, but there are some melodies that are a lot like other melodies.

"Even Flow" by Pearl Jam has a part that sounds exactly like "Plush" from Stone Temple Pilots
"Hello, I Love You" by The Doors basically is the same song as "All Day and All of the Night" by the Kinks
"You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies uses the same melody as "Blue Monday" by New Order

No one gets sued over it (usually). That being said, flat-out plagiarism isn't a great idea. Just take a melody you like and change it up a bit.
Although most people here know Satriani sued Coldplay over their song Viva La Vida, lesser known is that Satriani was the 5th or 6th person to actually try to sue them over that same song. The only difference is that Satch had the money to follow it through.

It's a good example of how some generic melodies have been copied so much that the song could have been stolen from any of them. I wouldn't worry if a melody of your song sounds like another one, it's going to happen sooner or later anyway.
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There are only so many combinations of notes that are possible. Don't sweat it man.

Good point (you too chaingarden and Alan). I guess I shouldn't worry about it too much.
i do this all the time. i think most people do. don't even worry about it, every melody's been used before somewhere or another, whether you've heard it or not. if you read "how to read literature like a professor," you learn all literary ideas have been used before, and in my opinion it applies greatly to music as well. as long as some things are different, like your natural voice's sound, or the instruments you're singing over, nobody will notice, and if anybody does notice, they won't have anything on you. i mean we've all heard the same beat used a million times in generic rap and rock songs, right? bass...SNARE....bassbassSNARE...so no worries.
i too have done this but it was with a bass line that i thought i wrote. anyway i totaly know what your feeling and i don't have any advice. so sorry this post is kind of pointless.

what relient k song was it?
best advice to give u is thats its all been done b4,u just gotta shake it up a bit,its all influences.