Ive had my ibanez rg350dx for about 3 month now. It came with 9's and ive been playing with 10's for about two year so im used to them. The style of music i listen requires 10's as literally the minimum haha. I have a Edge 3 tremelo...

So im planning on changing my strings to 10's. My favourite brand is Ernie Ball's but im open to suggestion. (I listen to music like, Slayer, Lamb of god, Children of bodom, Pantera, devildriver)

What would i be expected to do?
Readjust bridge?
Readjust action? (I love the action on this on my 9's )
Will my guitar handle 10's? (Stand tuning- drop D, sometimes drop C)
You may have to adjust intonation, and you may even need a new nut (doubtful.)

Since it's a small change in gauge you shouldn't have to change much. I think, I'm not sure how change in string gauge effects trems.
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Ah thanks for the bud.. Im aware you have to change the saddles forward or backward to set it up properly.

Thats what i was wondering...
well most of it has to do with your tuning. Drop D 10's should work, I would prefer 11's.

But drop C I would get 12's. i play in drop C and use GHS DYL's thay are 12-56 I beleive.

Lower the tuning, thicker the strings.

You WILL need to readjust the bridge and intonation probably too
Strings are cheap. Check your intonation now before you mess with it. Replace the string and tune to what you like, then recheck intonation.

Unless you switch to 12's your nut will more then likely be able to handle.

Bridge will have to be tweaked since it is a floating bridge.
You'll need to adjust the intonation and action when changing, but it shouldn't be by a lot. I used to use Ernie Ball string and they're badass, but DR's feel so much better and they seem to last a bit longer. I use the tite-fit 10's on my esp and then tite-fit 11's on everything else
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