Just looking for a little feedback on some lyrics I wrote. Tough to describe the style of the music... It's a bit like Bob Dylan, I suppose. But much shiftier. C4C, so link me to your stuff.

Thanks in advance,

A little masquerade of suits and dresses trade hellos.
A little serenade of all the souls exchanging woes.
Recite the cliched sayings, and customary praying of old.
"He's in a better place" and "such a lovely vase" sounds so cold.

But these open arms won't calm.
And this place doesn't feel like home.

The pretty little lonely widow,
Stands beneath the stain-glass in a daze.
Over-caffienated strangers,
Pay respects and go about their day.
Today, in a mourn.
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"He's in a better place" and "such a lovely vase" sounds so cold.

The best line in the whole song.

Can you pass me the chords, I'd like to hear it with some music, since the song really seems to have a nice flow?

Keep it up dude, good job.

Also, C4C on The Followers, please. (;
Wow. That was a bit enthralling with the imagery (to many funerals for me). Well done man. Its sad I have nothing to say to help you but it appears you are plain out just a better writer than I! Would like to read more of your stuff.

Maybe you could help me out a bit, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1437191