I got a new guitar a week ago, a Mexican Fender Stratocaster, 98' model, (electron blue, rosewood fretboard).
I took out the 3 single coils, and installed a 3 ceramic magnet ibanez humbucker in the bridge, (and you're damn skippy I had to cut the pickguard cause it's just THAT hard to find a plain sheet of black plastic) and 2 single coil sized dual rail humbuckers in the neck and middle. (Yeah, going all out haha).
All the wiring other than pickups are stock quality parts, with 3 250k pots. (which is okay because the bridge pickup is trebley enough with 3 magnets)
The problem is, when the volume is all the way down, and i turn the amp volume up, (usually with very high gain) there is still a slight signal coming through, but very faint.
The stock soldering connections are dead on and shiny, so I don't really think that's the problem.
So does anyone know what's going on, or is it really nothing to worry about?
Cusp of Magic
Like, more than half to almost all the way up, it's a loud 30 watt amp with a 12" speaker.
Cusp of Magic
Well, depending on how much is coming through, especially on high gain, you're bound to get a bit of noise coming through.