hey , i was wondering about my neck guitar
i play in drop c about 1 year , i use 10-52 strings
and i want try some songs in stadard tuning .could something to happen with my guitar's neck ?
i use that gauge, and my neck is fine. but i bounce between standard and drop d, so ur neck may not be used to the tension, idk
You wont do any damage to your guitar no. As long as you set your guitars truss rod to counter the increased tension that playing that gauge of string in standard will put on your neck.
some songs? well does that mean temporarily or long term?

due to the increased tension, you might get some neck bow beause the strings will be pulling harder on the neck. otehr than that, no damage.

but...thats only gonig to happen if you leave it in standard
I've been using 10-52 in standard tuning for about 3 years now and the neck hasn't moved. It's not that heavy a guage. If you do get any bow, it won't be major and it's nothing a truss rod adjustment can't fix.
Your neck may bow from the extra tension and throw your intonation off a tiny bit, but that's fixed by adjusting the truss rod... but any change should barely be noticeable. That's a pretty standard gauge for standard tuning, so I really don't see anything happening unless your guitar's neck is made of cardboard.
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