I have Cubase AI4(The Yamaha version of Cubase 4).
Whenever it starts up it makes a sort of ringing noise. It's a sound at a consistent pitch, sounds somewhat like a beep.
It only happens when the actual Cubase AI4 window opens. It happens after it says the ASIO Drivers have loaded(Which would send Cubase's signal to the speakers.). I tried getting new ASIO Drivers(Particularily ASIO4All). That didn't fix it. I didn't like how it could only support one output(Unless I was doing something wrong.) so I switched back to my regular driver.
I'm not sure what my regular one is, but I know it is stock. I can't check what it is as I'm not at home right now.

Thought I'd post here and see if anyone has any fixes before I get home and ask on the Steinberg forums.

..I was watching my death.