My dad and me have just recently fixed his old record player and its standing in my room now. My brother offered me to buy some LPs for me. I am looking for LPs with music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. So does anyone know a good site where one can buy used LPs. Or maybe a good place in the UK to buy them used?
Google-->Record stores near (town)
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Any respectable record store will have a used LP section, you can pick up a bunch of stuff cheap there.
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most major cities have some form of record store, failing that
google is your friend although make sure you dont end up looking at a DJ record store, or youll just be wasting your time
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Most second-hand record stores still sell LPs. Not to mention a lot of places are selling new music on vinyl.
A lot of charity shops around where I live have used vinyl hanging around regularly, try those kinds of places. In fact generally anywhere where you find people selling used things like car book sales and such as well.
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Pawn shops, some bookstores might have them as well...and you know record stores too
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