Hey, I'm just wondering if I could get some feedback on this song, specifically about the mix, but if anyone has thoughts on the writing/phrasing of the song itself that would be cool too!

I'd be happy to critique any of your songs as well

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I thought it was pretty damn good. The sweeps were tits
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As a good friend of Jake's, the original vocalist and the songwriter for most of The Contortionists first album, I think he would dig this. Also I really liked it. I wish it was a little bit longer, but it flowed together really nicely.

I assume your referring to the band The Contortionist, if so, I really didn't realize how wide spread they were. ****in' kids from Indiana man. Good track though man, I will reiterate that I really liked it. Also the vocals really fit the track, was that also you?
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Absolutely killer, man. Love the clean guitar tone. Nice vocals for that matter.

The mix in the intro is great, really, but to pick something out just for the sake of improvement, the drums felt the slightest tad flat here. I can't think of something much for the heavier part.

With regards to songwriting, the ending of the intro feels rather clumsy. The idea behind it is good, but it's execution feels a bit lacking.

The ending feels a bit sudden, even though the ending in and of itself is nice. I wouldn't have minded if the song kept going just a little while longer.

Gotta take a look at your other stuff, now.

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